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Custom Collections

We will be happy to customize your personal wedding collection to fit your needs and budget.
At your consultation we help walk you through the process. If the thought of flowers seems to be a daunting and overwhelming task then let us help. We can streamline it and make it fun.


Your fresh flowers are hand chosen and processed according to the season and specific flower type to open at the most opportune time for your day.


Our designers then craft each piece to perfectly coordinate with your overall theme.


Our custom price menu is where you can pick the right fit for your event and your wallet.

For example you can pick a Bridal bouquet from one price list, your Bridesmaids from another, your reception centerpieces from another, etc.  


Please let us know if you have any questions please drop us an email.

Also we are happy to schedule a meeting either face to face, by phone, or skype if that works better.

Our delivery area is most of San Diego County, Temecula Wine Country and parts of Orange County. 

Custom Sampler

To find out more about our Collections 
And for you DIY Bride's please if it's the cost that is holding you back from professional flowers we are here to help you with that too.


Our collections are created professionally with the freshest product availible at the best price we can offer. We save you time and stress, time you can spend on so many other things that are far more important days before your wedding day. This is time that you can not get back, and that is priceless. Let us take the stress away from you so you can enjoy this special time in your life.


Please check out  our TOGO menu, here we have an assortment of wedding collections. We have created simple but elegant collections that can be ordered up to 2 weeks before your wedding day. You can have the option to pick them up yourself or we can deliver and set up if needed for an additional fee.

These can not be customized  other than your choice of color and ribbon, but you can add on to the Collections to cover the size and needs of your wedding.

Also the pricing around most Holidays will increase the collection prices too, so call or email for a quote on weddings falling 1-2 weeks before a major Holiday.

What can we arrange for you?

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